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Kauffman Soft Private Collection Vodka 700ml

Kauffman Soft Private Collection Vodka 700ml

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Kauffman Vodka Soft - A premium russian brand vodka introduced in 2000 by Dr. Mark Kauffman and produced in Moscow by WH Import company - one of the largest import and wholesale companies of beverage alcohol in Russia. Kauffman soft private collection has been distilled 14 times before being filtered twice, through birch coal, then quartz sands with no impurities and placed in a bottle whose design is a copy of the Gherkin Tower in London. This soft version has a texture for which it is named and a subtle hint of honey, produced in limited quantities and the only vodka to have a specific vintage. If you like premium vodkas, you should not miss out the Kauffman Vodka Soft.

This vodka has a transparent color with a gentle distant fruit note aroma that clinging to the palate with a cleansing warmth, hint of slice and the mouthfeel is soft and creamy. The finish is clean, warm and ethereal.

ABV : 40%
SIZE : 700ml
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