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Camus XO Prestige Decanter 700ml

Camus XO Prestige Decanter 700ml

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Reaching past trends and fashion, back to pure aesthetics and emotions, Camus has created a stunning Decanter destined to illuminate the dinner and after-dinner conversations with the intense amber reflections of the cognac within.

The new XO blend is a perfect expression of the House of Camus’ uncompromising quest for the most intensely aromatic cognacs. The culmination of advanced distillation, finishing and blending techniques developed over five generations of the same family, Camus XO is a cognac which truly evolves on the palate into a journey of emotions and sensations.


On the nose the Camus XO cognac contains savoury aromas of bitter apricot and oranges, as well as notes of exotic fruit and a dash of deep cacao.

On the palate, it is first silky with a honey-like texture and an intense florality, a direct result of the Instensity process. Its character then gradually evolves towards spiced and toasted flavors, which come from the finishing process inside re-toasted cognac barrels. Lastly, it leaves with a long and intense finish, full of dark aromas of vanilla and cinnamon, drawn from the cognac's long maturation inside the oak casks.

ABV : 40% 
SIZE : 700ml

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