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Camus Extra Dark And Intense 700ml

Camus Extra Dark And Intense 700ml

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Camus Extra Dark and Intense Cognac - In 2000, Camus released 'Extra' – an innovation at the time. Fifteen years later, and they have released what they describe as the “darker side” of the Cognac - the Extra Dark and Intense. This cognac goes through a slightly different process after Cyril Camus asked the Cellar Master Patrick Léger to select the best barrels of Extra. After selecting the eaux-de-vies, the barrels are opened and the contents removed. Each barrel is emptied, re-opened one by one, then slightly heated to extract the intensely aromatic droplets of concentrated Cognac and then returned to cask to continue to age. Tasting takes place on a daily basis to ensure that the process is stopped at just the right time.


The palate is intense with creamy, buttery notes, robust and lingering finish characterized by subtly spicy dark chocolate notes with an aroma of roasted macadamia roasted nut, sturdy and powerful offering crème brule, gingerbread and color of bright tinted with mahogany and topaz.

ABV : 40%
SIZE : 700ml 

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