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Absolut Kurant 700ml

Absolut Kurant 700ml

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Absolut Kurant - This vodka is an infusion of Absolut pure vodka and blackcurrants- a typical Swedish berry from which the flavor was taken. Continuously distilled leading to a finer, cleaner crisper vodka, a key part of Absolut's identity. 100% natural ingredients, no added sugars Completely unfiltered by charcoal or chemicals, an indication of 100% purity Every ingredient in Absolut Vodka comes from a small village in Southern Sweden called Åhus, making Absolut the world’s largest locally produced vodka. Launched in 1992, tribute to the Swedish origin of Absolut Vodka. Absolut Kurant is made exclusively from natural ingredients, it doesn’t contain any added sugar.

A smooth and mellow with a fruity blackcurrant character and a hint of tartness and crisp, tart flavor, razor sharp and clean; at midpalate, there's an oily quality to the texture that underscores the racy, zesty, black currant flavor.

ABV : 40%
SIZE : 700ml 
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