Romantic Dates with your Boo(ze)

Romantic Dates with your Boo(ze)

Romantic Dates with your Boo(ze)

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the romance still lingers in the air. Make your significant other feel your love throughout the entire month by planning dates with your boo and the perfect third wheel – booze! Let the lingering sparks of Valentine's Day turn every moment into a celebration of love and connection, and a time for indulging in your favorite drinks. Savor each moment and toast to your special bond with your favorite drinks by your side!

1. Picnic Date with Moscato
Imagine this: you and your favorite person on fresh grass, feeling the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze on your skin, then popping a fresh bottle of Gossip Sweet Lips Pink Moscato! Isn't that a dream? Plan a picnic date and bring along food that will complement the sweet drink, such as chicken and cheese. Talk about everything under the sun and have a lovely date!

2. Wine and Paint Night
Wine and paint nights have been all the rage in recent years! Instead of attending a class with a group of strangers, why not arrange one in the comfort of your own home? Buy all the necessary painting materials, choose a subject that is special to both of you, and, of course, the most important part – the wine! We recommend the semisweet Stella Rosa Black for this night.

3. Brunch with Champagne
As the saying goes, brunch without champagne is simply a sad late breakfast. So, wake up without an alarm, take it slow, and as brunch time approaches, craft a spread of delicious brunch items to perfectly complement Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut. While it may be one of the simpler date ideas on the list, sharing a simple meal together is truly the sweetest!

4. Movie Night with Beer
Cap off the night with a cozy movie session featuring your favorite person and films. Curate a movie playlist with all the films you enjoy, and, of course, grab some bottles of Budweiser! Bring out popcorn, fries, and chips to complete the set. As you snuggle in, let the movies add an extra touch of magic to your evening together along with the light buzz of the booze!

5. Cocktail Mixing Night
If you're a couple that prefers ordering cocktails over drinking drinks on the rocks, a cocktail mixing night would be perfect for you! Grab some classic cocktail bases like Snow Leopard Vodka and Brugal Añejo Superior, mix in liqueurs such as Cointreau Liqueur and Bitter Truth Elderflower Liqueur, and whatever else you fancy to add to your drinks!