Halloween Extravaganza: Let's Get Planning!

Halloween Extravaganza: Let's Get Planning!

Halloween Extravaganza: Let's Get Planning!

If there's one thing about Halloween week, it's that everyone gets wild! The party animals come out, the spirits of the night awaken, and the dancing monsters find themselves under the disco lights. It's a week filled with celebrations, house party hopping, and, of course – drinking! Let's start planning early because this Halloween extravaganza is sure to be one for the books. 


  • Find the perfect theme!

Yes, Halloween is all about all things spooky, but having a set theme can help you create a cohesive plan for the entire party. It can also inspire your guests to think outside the box and steer away from the usual Halloween costumes we see every year. Consider a theme tied to our Filipino culture. From folklore creatures like the kapre, tiyanak, and aswang to references from Filipino pop culture, such as characters from 'Shake, Rattle, and Roll,' there are plenty of fun and creative ideas to draw inspiration from.

  • Finalize the guest list and send fun invitations!

Of course, it can be challenging to keep track of people once you're fully immersed in the moment. However, having a guest list will help you estimate how much food, time, and space you need to organize a Halloween extravaganza. Determine who to invite and specify how many people they can bring with them. After all, it's your party, and your rules should apply! Since you have a theme in mind, send out invitations that align with that theme. Make the invitations even more enjoyable and eerie by letting your creativity shine, perhaps by adding simple animations to keep people excited.

  • Go all out on decorations!

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without decorations – they're the highlight of the event! Now is not the time to keep it simple. Fully immerse yourself in the theme and bring it to life. From the entrance to the dance floor, every detail can influence the atmosphere you're trying to create. If you're on a tight budget, a little DIY won't hurt. Let your creative juices flow and demonstrate to all your guests how to host a Halloween extravaganza properly. You got this in the bag!

  • Craft a themed cocktail menu!

Now comes the fun part—the dancing juices that will fuel your feet and hips as you dance the night away. And the drinks need to be on-theme too! Stay tuned for our upcoming article on Halloween recipes because, just like the decorations, we're going all out! From Halloween sangrias to Bloody Mary syringes, there are tons of cocktail possibilities to serve throughout the night. And don't forget about the finger foods!

  • Curate the tunes of the night!

The sacred playlist will set the mood for the night, so make sure to curate one that everyone can groove to. Classics like Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' are a must-have in your music lineup. You can also include remixes of crowd favorites, such as Lady Gaga’s 'Bloody Mary,' which famously inspired a TikTok dance trend based on Wednesday Addams’ iconic moves.

  • Host a costume contest!

You know what entices people to go all out with their Halloween outfits? A 'Best Dressed' award! Whether it's a creative certificate you've made for bragging rights or a prize of your choice, your guests will be more motivated to steal the show when they have the chance to be recognized for their efforts.

  • Set up a photobooth! 

Lastly, make it a night to remember by setting up a photobooth to immortalize all the memories of the night. Whether it's a DSLR set up with matching props and a background or a couple of disposable cameras placed in various areas of your space, take this opportunity to connect, create memories, and capture awesome pictures that you can look back on!