Chinese New Year 2024: Gift Ideas

Chinese New Year 2024: Gift Ideas

Chinese New Year 2024: Gift Ideas

Chinese New Year season has arrived, and we’re celebrating with the best drinks! With the Year of the Dragon, we’re about to experience a year filled with opportunities, changes, and challenges. Let’s prepare for this significant year together and gift your loved ones with drinks that will bring out their inner dragon. Especially if they are anticipating shifts in their lives, this can be their liquid courage! Here are some gift ideas best suited for anyone and everyone.

1. Johnnie Walker Blue Dragon
Whoever receives this dreamy bottle is in for an eye-candy experience that will take them on a journey filled with enchantment and fantasy. As they examine every detail from every corner, they can find deep inspiration from traditional Chinese scroll paintings to more modern anime and comics. This is the perfect gift for your creative friends and family, as they will surely appreciate every inch of this bottle!

2. Hennessy VSOP Year Of The Dragon Chinese New Year
Brought to life by the artist Yang Yongliang, this bottle seamlessly merges tradition with technology as the mighty dragon comes to life from the box to the bottle. Crafted with a pure red color and adorned with gold accents, this gift will bring prosperity and good luck to whomever receives it. Apart from this beautiful bottle, it’s filled with a special cognac blend with a long and satisfying finish.

3. Hennessy XO Year Of The Dragon Chinese New Year
Draped in gold, this bottle is a visual delight that will capture everybody’s attention as the recipient unwraps their gift. An exceptionally rare and exquisite find, it’s ideal for collectors who appreciate a fine drink. Given that Hennessy XO has always been the drink of choice to share with loved ones, this special edition bottle is a delightful bonus for whoever receives it. A happy new year will come indeed!

4. Ferrand's 10 Generations Cognac
Cognac, with its rich and sophisticated flavor profile, makes for a perfect New Year's gift, symbolizing warmth, celebration, and the beginning of new and memorable moments. Especially with this limited edition release that comes in a beautiful red bottle, your loved ones will undoubtedly enjoy this drink as it celebrates the rich history of generations. It sets the perfect tone for a celebration filled with family anecdotes.

5. Royal Salute Lunar New Year 2024 Special Edition
With its symbolism of happiness, growth, prosperity, and love, this floral design by Yunshu Li will bring fortune and prosperity to you and your family in the coming year. The intricate details and meaningful elements make it the perfect gift, embodying well wishes for a year filled with joy and success. Whoever receives this bottle will undoubtedly feel the abundant love you are sharing with them this New Year season.