How to Create the Perfect Drinksgiving

How to Create the Perfect Drinksgiving

How to Create the Perfect Drinksgiving

Before we gather with our family and loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving, we can't resist the allure of a Drinksgiving celebration. It's the perfect way to kick off the holiday season in style, so go ahead and invite all those who know how to have a good time. Get ready to enjoy a mix of delicious cocktails, great company, and a touch of creativity!

  • Get the invites out!

Before anything else, take your time to finalize your guest list. Send out the invitations, create a group chat, and ensure that everyone is in the loop. To embrace the spirit of Drinksgiving and add more fun to the occasion, invite everyone to bring their favorite bottle of wine or liquor. This will increase the variety of drinks for the night and enhance your guests' excitement.

  • Plan out the cocktails!

In addition to the drinks that everyone will bring, make an effort as a good host to create cocktails for everyone to enjoy. One classic festive cocktail is mulled wine. It's warm, spiced, and filled with the delightful flavors of Christmas. The right cocktail can set the mood, and once everyone gets their dose of dancing juice, the night will seem to go on forever.

  • Delicious food is a must!

Thanksgiving and Drinksgiving celebrations are all about gratitude, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious food? Prepare easy-to-make and easy-to-pair finger foods like mini sliders, pizza cups, and meat skewers. Don't forget to consider everyone's food preferences and allergies when planning your menu to ensure a delightful and inclusive gathering.

  • Bring out the cozy decor!

Themed parties are all about the ambiance, so go all out because everyone is coming to savor the full Drinksgiving experience. With the weather turning cooler, embrace a cozy decor theme for the day. Enliven the atmosphere with warm lighting, textiles in shades of orange, red, and brown, and scatter foliage throughout the room. Light some scented candles, and the mood is perfectly set!

  • Fun and activities! 

The night wouldn't be complete without entertainment and activities! Curate the perfect playlist with a blend of dance music and mellow tunes for everyone to relish. Seek out some party games suitable for all to break the ice and get the festivities going. As the night winds down, introduce board games and card games to conclude the evening on a cozy note with everyone gathered around the table, drinks in hand.

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