What Type of Drinker Are You?

What Type of Drinker Are You?

What Type of Drinker Are You?
Sometimes we just need a drink to de-stress from work, have two or more when you’ve broken up with your ex or just drink a whole keg of beer because you’re feeling a little wild. What type of drinker are you?

1. The Party Animal
Party Animals are definitely the life of the party, always full of energy. Never turning down an invitation. Their schedules are always jam-packed, making them excellent multi-taskers as they are balancing everything. This type of drinker knows their way around the club, ordering a lot of alcoholic drinks, getting the best seats or tables, dancing all night long and knowing almost everyone at the party – staff and bouncers included. When the dancing is all over, get ready because they’re probably making more plans for the next party.

2. The Amnesia
Thank god for smartphones. Without any proof of pictures or videos, they pretty much forgot every single detail that happened at last night’s party. This type of drinker will most likely ask one obvious question and that is, “What on earth happened?”. Questioning everything that occurred last night. They pretty much have done something stupid that’ll turn out to be a regretful one.

3. The Intellectual
In every group of friends, there is always that one person who speaks English when one is already drunk. This type of drinker will need five or more glasses to talk the language and soon enough, conversations get interesting. Talking about politics, philosophies or even just aliens.

4. The All Nighter
Remember the famous Disney film Cinderella, when she has to hurry home at midnight? This is the total opposite. This type of drinker has no curfews and probably has no watch either, because they will not mind the time and will continue to party until the sun comes out. As most partygoers say, “Let’s morning the night”.

5. The Talented
If Simon Cowell were to scout for talents in the Philippines, the karaoke bar is the best place to go to. You can encounter the best singers or sometimes dancers when one has already had a drink or two. Any Filipino can be a singer when alcohol is available. When the buzz kicks in, one is already belting out their top vocal range and singing Whitney Houston songs like there’s no tomorrow. This type of drinker is someone you should not mess with.
So, which type of drinker are you?