Wedding Wines 101

Wedding Wines 101

Wedding Wines 101

Weddings are one of the most meticulously detailed events that you can ever go through. From the choice of flowers to the colors of the flatware, every little thing must be thought about. As this is probably the most important day of your life, a smooth and perfect day is a must from the ceremony to the reception. Selecting the right type of wine to serve on your wedding day can amplify not only yours, but also the guests’ experience especially if it compliments your menu perfectly. Here’s a short guide to Wedding Wines 101 with Solid Wine!

  1. Antigal Uno Sauvignon Blanc

A classic and popular pick for Weddings when white wine is needed, the Sauvignon Blanc is a light and refreshing option that will favor most guests. With the Antigal Uno Sauvignon Blanc, you’re guaranteed with a fresh zesty clean wine that would pair well with cheese, chicken, oysters, seafood and vegetables. Its citrusy and fruity tasting notes make it the perfect wine to serve on your summer weddings!

  1. Bottega Pinot Grigio

Not really a Sauvignon Blanc fan? Maybe the Pinot Grigio is meant for you! Another staple for summer weddings, the Bottega Pinot Grigio is dry, fresh, harmonic and its acidity is perfectly balanced. Its light and juicy flavors can pair well with chicken, seafood and canapes. If you’re looking into beach weddings in the dreamy destinations in the country like Palawan, Boracay or Cebu, consider this pick.

  1. Handpicked Selection Mornington Pinot Noir

Do your guests prefer red wine more than white wine? A glass of Pinot Noir would be perfect for your reception then! As it's delicate and highly drinkable, you can make the red wine lovers happy pretty easily. It pairs well with almost anything too, but it’s best paired with beef! If you’re going to have your wedding in the cooler places of the country like Baguio, Tagaytay or Ifugao, this is definitely perfect for you.


  1. La Belle Vie Cabernet Sauvignon

Another option for red wine drinkers is the Cabernet Sauvignon. Contrary to the delicate Handpicked Selection Mornington Pinot Noir, the La Belle Vie Cabernet Sauvignon is clean, fruity and full-bodied – giving you a powerful and bold option. Careful though, make sure that this doesn’t overwhelm the flavors on your menu. If you’re looking into having red meat and mushrooms as your meals, then this is the way to go!

  1. Bottega Gold

What’s a celebration without sparkling wine? Bring out the bubbles! Wedding receptions are filled with toasts and speeches – mostly planned, but a lot of the time, spontaneous. Stock up on some Bottega Gold to welcome the night with nostalgic memories, unforgettable stories and laughs all around. Have it as a welcome drink too before the night starts!