Crafting the Perfect Graduation Celebration

Crafting the Perfect Graduation Celebration

Crafting the Perfect Graduation Celebration

Graduation is one of the biggest milestones in your young adulthood. It marks your crossover from student life to the adult world. Before you move on, it's  time to celebrate achievements, honor accomplishments, and look forward to new beginnings. What better way to commemorate this momentous occasion than by hosting a graduation celebration filled with good company, laughter, and, of course, a selection of fine wines or carefully crafted cocktails? Let's explore some tips and ideas to help you craft the perfect graduation celebration!

  • Make a signature drink!

Kick off the celebration with a drink that represents you or one that has been an iconic part of your college life. This can be a custom-made cocktail or your own rendition of your favorite drink. If you got through college with endless Weng Weng pitchers or by indulging in your favorite restaurant's unlimited Margaritas, you can put your own personal twist on the drink and create your own version.

  • Curate a wine selection!

As you have a wide variety of guests on your graduation celebration, ranging from elderly family members to college besties, offering a diverse selection ensures that there is something to please every palate. And, of course, no celebration is complete without sparkling wines for the much-needed toast. Include a selection of great white wines for everyone to enjoy, as well as bold red wines for those who prefer them.

  • Highlight local beers!

How can anyone ever survive college without local beers? They've been with you after a long stressful week, and it's been a celebratory reward after bloody finals. It’s a symbol of your long hard years. Including a variety of local beer in the celebration can appeal to a lot of age groups as well! Especially if some guests prefer to pair their meals with beer, it’s great to have options for them too.

  • Design interactive drink stations!

Bring a whole lot of fun to your celebration with an interactive drink station! Your guests can make their own customized cocktails with an assortment of mixers, spirits and garnishes with recipe cards curated by you, of course! For wine lovers, you can set up mini charcuterie boards with a variety of wine with different tasting notes for them to experiment with different wine pairings. This interactive setup allows guests to engage with the drinks and adds a social aspect to the celebration.

  • Personalize the bar setup!

Create an inviting and personalized bar setup that reflects your taste and style. Pay attention to even the tiniest details, such as the garnishes. Include your favorite fruits, flowers, and elements that represent your personality or pay tribute to your alma mater, such as your college colors. Adorn the bar with a selection of wine bottles or spirits that feature customized labels with your name or graduation year, adding a personalized touch.

  • Have a dedicated dance floor!

A night of celebration and drinking is not complete without breaking it down and grooving on the dance floor. Curate playlists that include your favorite songs, as well as tunes that evoke memories of your college journey. With a cocktail in hand, let loose and dance the night away! This is your party, so make it an unforgettable night to remember.