5 Things You Should Know About Vodka

5 Things You Should Know About Vodka

5 Things You Should Know About Vodka

National Vodka Day is coming right up, and yes, it’s a holiday that we must all celebrate! Vodka will always be a favorite whenever we have parties, as it brings out the fun, fresh and fierce side within you. Aside from it being the ultimate dancing juice, what else do you know about vodka?  Let’s talk about it and share some fun facts that you can bring up at your next party! 

  • The origins of it all!

    It's no surprise that vodka hails from Russia. However, Poland also claims to be among the early creators of the beloved spirit we enjoy today. Its name is derived from the Russian word 'vodka,' which means 'water,' likely due to its pure and clear appearance as well as its neutral flavor—reminiscent of water. The spread of vodka to North America began during World War I, and it continued to make its way to Western countries during World War II. Vodka's popularity grew, eventually making it one of the most cherished and widely enjoyed beverages worldwide. 

    • What makes it vodka?

      Did you know that in the United States, vodka must have at least 40% ABV to be considered vodka? In contrast, European countries have a minimum requirement of 37.5% ABV. Vodka can even reach as high as 90% ABV — quite a strong drink, isn't it? This versatile spirit is distilled from plant materials that are starchy and sugary, such as potatoes, grains, and sugar beets. To reach its final form, it must undergo extensive rounds of filtering and distillation. This meticulous process ensures that vodka attains its signature purity and clarity, removing impurities and capturing its clean, crisp essence.

      • Let’s talk about health!

        In moderation, drinking vodka can indeed offer some health benefits! Some  studies suggest that moderate vodka consumption may reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Light drinking may help raise good cholesterol levels, but it's important to emphasize the keyword 'light.' Vodka is lower in calories than most alcoholic drinks, making it a better choice for those concerned about weight gain. Additionally, vodka is gluten-free, which can be beneficial for individuals with digestion issues. Vodka can be used in skincare routines too! When diluted with water and gently applied to the skin using a soft cloth, it can effectively cleanse the skin, eliminating bacteria and helping to tighten pores for a healthier complexion.

        • Cleaning time!

          Did you know that vodka can be an amazing cleaning aid too? If you wish to avoid using harsh chemicals as cleaning agents around the house, vodka —yes, even the more affordable varieties — can serve as a fantastic substitute. It can perform the same tasks as vinegar without the pungent odor it often leaves behind. Once vodka evaporates, it doesn't leave a trace of smell. You can use vodka for degreasing, deodorizing, and disinfecting various areas of your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom. It's the ideal cleaning agent, especially for those with sensitivity to strong odors!

          • A cocktail favorite!

            Traditionally, vodka is savored on its own, preferably over ice, and is known for its versatility in pairing with a wide variety of foods without overpowering their flavors, allowing them to shine. However, because of  its neutral taste profile, vodka has become a beloved ingredient in cocktails worldwide. From the classic Bloody Mary to cosmopolitans, it's a well-loved main ingredient in cocktails across the globe. Additionally, it can readily replace other spirits and hard liquors in classic cocktail recipes!